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Our first interview wih NICOLAS! Read this interview to get to know the band and find out more about the members

First of all we would like to ask what the band name NICOLAS means and why you chose it?

SAKU: I like the actor Nicolas Cage. AKANE adopted the name and we said “NICOLAS is awesome! Let’s go with that”. 

Why did you choose visual kei as a genre and what does visual kei mean to you?

SAKU: Because of the music, fashion and culture. As a teenager I was really into decadent lyrics and insane sound. It was intense. That’s why I chose visual kei. 

AKANE: It was in close proximity. For that reason I chose this genre naturally.

SATSUKI: Visual kei is visual and auditory entertainment. I chose it, because it had an incredible impact on me when I first heard it. 

ZERO: It’s my youth. I chose visual kei because I like it. 

RITSU: It’s a part of my life. The thought of using the twin pedal was strongly influenced by Yoshiki. I liked the genre and scene. Also, I was excited and surprised to see myself wearing make-up. That’s why I chose it. 

Which song would you recommend to get an impression of your music?


Are there any Japanese or overseas bands that inspired you?

SAKU: As for overseas bands it’s U2, MUSE and Foo Fighter. From Japan: Kuroyume, ROUAGE and Laputa. 

AKANE: From Japan, it’s Dir en Grey and from overseas Nirvana. Those are bands that inspire me a lot. 

SATSUKI: I receive impact from other bands. Among the artists I like there are many bands. I listen to various music, regardless of the genre. 

ZERO: Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age, BUCK-TICK, THE YELLOW MONKEY. 

RITSU: I’m influenced by Ling tosite Sigure, X Japan, SIAM SHADE, abingdon boys school, Yorushika and Kagerou

How do you create songs in general? 

AKANE: First, I come up with fragments during my daily life and if those turn out good I compose the drums completely and then the string instruments. 

SATSUKI: To a certain extent I create the image of the whole song inside my head and then use  the guitar and keyboard on my computer. 

What do you appreciate the most of each other?

SAKU: The guitar sound of AKANE is usually unique and very crazy. 
SATSUKI listens to a wide variety of music and confronts music seriously. 
ZERO is kind and has a big heart. He hasn’t changed since middle school. 
RITSU is lively because he loves the drums and alcohol. I think he’s very good at social relationships. 

AKANE: SAKUs driving, SATSUKI as a leader, ZEROS strength and RITSU is a person who is easily elated. 

SATSUKI: ZERO is very strong, so he carries a lot of the equipment for me. 

ZERO: SAKU is a free spirit. 
AKANE is a person of firm character. 
SATSUKIs leadership towards music. 
And RITSUS is very serious about drums. 

RITSU: SAKUs lyrics are interesting! He has a strong sense of responsibility and because he has a come-on attitude towards me, I can follow him without second thoughts. 
AKANE has a unique way of thinking! His songs are always creative and fun! He’s a chameleon who always sees the big picture and can change his position. 
SATSUKIs songs are beautiful. He’s serious about music and also flexible towards new things. He’s good at challenging in a nonchalant way!
ZERO is the backbone member and peacemaker! He’s the ultimate supporter! Even though he’s bold, he’s actually sensitive! His songs are straightforward! 

Please tell us something weird about the other members.

SAKU: Every time AKANE says he’s out of money, he buys a guitar. And he only drinks Scotch. 
SATSUKIs forgetfulness is getting worse. He always loses his glasses, his wallet or something else. 
When ZERO is drunk, he talks about Rock. 
When RITSU is drunk, he sometimes sleepwalks and starts wandering around. 

AKANE: SAKU exaggerates. 
SATSUKI is forgetful. 
ZERO has awful habits. 
RITSU gets carried away easily. 

SATSUKI: RITSU is strange when he drinks and that’s scary. 

ZERO: SAKUS songs are strange. 
AKANEs sense of distance towards people. 
SATSUKIs forgetfulness is extreme. 
RITSU can sleep everywhere. 

RITSU: SAKU does crazy things during concerts!
AKANE aims for completely unexpected directions for his songs!
SATSUKI is in a daze during MCs!
Even though ZERO is an outlaw, his roots are earnest!

You just released your 1st mini album UMBRA in March this year and your second mini album JYUSEIGAKIETAKONOMACHIDE shortly afterwards in July. Could you tell us why you released two mini albums within only 4 month?

SAKU: Because of the coronavirus we can’t do lives or tours. We also had a rough time and I think the fans were also shocked. So, we asked ourselves what we can do as a band and the answer was that we can only produce new music. 

As JYUSEIGAKIETAKONOMACHIDE was released in the middle of the current pandemic, it was probably influenced by the situation in one way or the other, wasn’t it?

SAKU: It was. It was a good chance to face myself. 

How would you describe your own lives?

SAKU: A lot of headbanging. Band sound. Everyone talks a lot during MCs. 

AKANE: I think a characteristic is that we don’t have stiff elements and everyone can enjoy themselves freely. 

SATSUKI: You can enjoy our lives freely. 

ZERO: The MCs are long. 

RITSU: The member and also the fans are unpredictable!

You had to cancel your UMBRA TOUR -47 Pref- because of the current pandemic. Do you plan to still visit all 47th prefectures once it’s possible again?  

SAKU: We’ll definitely try to. 

You broadcasted your cancelled tour final for free online in real time without an audience. How was the experience for you to perform like that? 

SAKU: I was relieved that the people who watched it said that it was very good. We already did a live streaming before, therefore I didn’t have any objections to perform in front of several cameras. But it was lonely. Without the fans. 

AKANE: Doing a concert without an audience was fun. I hope those who watched it understood.  

SATSUKI: It was a bit lonely to perform without an audience, but I was happy that we were able to do a concert. I think our feelings reached those in front of the screen. 

ZERO: It was without an audience, but I’m glad we could do the concert. 

RITSU: We and also the fans were looking forward to the UMBRA TOUR -47 Pref.-. That’s why we wanted to do at least the final. That’s how we thought about it. I was very worried, but there were many people waiting for us, regardless of whether they were right in front of us or not. I couldn’t be happier about that!. 

At the moment you are doing free broadcasted concerts, which are also available for overseas fans. Do you plan to keep the connection to overseas fans through broadcasted concerts or in another way?

SAKU: Yes, I think we will continue doing something for our oversea fans. 

Do you want to perform overseas one day? Are there countries you would like to perform?

SAKU: Taiwan. 

AKANE: I want to go to America. My dream is to tour through America one day. 

SATSUKI: I want to. I want to go wherever people are waiting for us. 

ZERO: UK, Italy and Germany. 

RITSU: I want to go overseas! I personally… want to go to Las Vegas. 

To close this interview, kindly leave a message to our readers.

SAKU: The world is surrounded by fear and sadness of the virus. It would be great if our music could cheer you up. Also, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the medical workers who are fighting at the front lines. Thank you very much.

AKANE: Thank you very much for your support. We haven’t met in person, but I’m very grateful. I will definitely meet everyone someday.

SATSUKI: It’s nice to meet you. I’m SATSUKI from NICOLAS. We want to go overseas for sure to deliver our music. Please wait for us. I’m excited to visit  many countries. 

ZERO: I’m very happy that the music of NICOLAS is reaching overseas. Once Corona is over, I hope we can perform in various countries. Let’s have a lot of fun at that time!

RITSU: Thank you very much for reading this far! I’m NICOLAS drummer RITSU! When we come to your country one day, let’s create an insanely fun concert together! I’m looking forward to it!  


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