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After leaving D’espairsRay and the music scene because of his voice, HIZUMI returned nearly a decade later with his new band NUL.! They will soon release their very first album and we interviewed HIZUMI about the band, the album and his experience in the music scene.

During your first concert “NUL. 1st EXPERIMENT -showcase-” in August 2019 you already performed 14 new songs. Since when have you been working on music for NUL.? 

Since around April or May 2019. 

The music of NUL. is not limited to a concept. What are the advantages and disadvantages to having a band without a concept? 

As for a concept or genre I wonder if it’s industrial. The advantage is that all 3 members can do different things, therefore we can do most things without help from others. The disadvantage is that compared to a band, we are only 3 members and therefore the workload for one person is huge (laughs). 

Are you planning to explore different music genres? 

I hope we can try to explore genres we haven’t explored so far. 

Which songs would you recommend to describe the current NUL.? 

Good question. If it’s for the current NUL. it would be CUBE from our new album TRIBRID ARCHIVE.

As the name NUL. comes from “starting from zero”, how was it to start a completely new band? 

Starting from zero was very exhausting and tough, but also exciting and it gave me power to live. 

How do the 3 of you produce new songs? 

Normally me and the composer create the melody and a basic framework and the 3rd member adds his part. 

How did the 3 of you meet? 

I got to know Kishi because he was producing for D’espairsRay. I became friends with MASATO during the time we did the Taste of Chaos Tour in America. Since then we are also friends outside of music. 

With Kishi and MASATO being mainly involved with abingdon boys school and defspiral, how is it with them also working for other bands? 

Basically their main bands are defspiral and abingdon boy school, but I hope that NUL. is also a good stimulation for both of them. 

It’s been nearly 10 years since D’espairsRay disbanded. How is it to be back after so many years?

I left the music scene, because of my voice and for a while I hated to sing, but as expected my body ached when I went to concerts from friends. Because I was in that situation for a long time, I trembled with joy when I returned from the point of giving up.

Has the music scene changed much within those years? 

It has. Before it was based on CDs, but now it’s based on distribution and the distribution part has changed a lot also. On the other hand we are now able to deliver our music to places that CDs can’t reach.

Can we expect the songs you already performed at “NUL. 1st EXPERIMENT -showcase-” for your new album TRIBRID ARCHIVE or will there be also new songs your fans haven’t heard so far? 

All songs we performed on that day will be included. It’s packed with all the troubles, impulses, anxieties and expectations we had when we started.

You had to postpone your first tour because of the new coronavirus. Do you still plan to go on tour as soon as it’s safe enough? 

Of course, I want corona to calm down soon, but with the current situation it’s probably not possible to perform as before anymore, even if we want to. I think it may be due to the influence of the news, but with a great number of people being in a closed space, it fills me with fear. It’s hard to wipe off that kind of fear, right? Therefore it’s difficult to do concerts as before, but if possible I want to have the concerts in a different way.  

Is there anything you can tell us about the upcoming live streaming on 16th of January? 

It will be our first streaming live, so I’m also worried, but I want to do everything NUL. is capable of. 

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For TRIBRID ARCHIVE and our first live stream, I want them to reach as many people as possible. In any case, I want them to hear and see what our music is like now.  


It would be great if you could support us with a small donation.
It might not be much for you, but it would help us providing more and better interviews in the future.
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