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Have you heard of XANVALA before? They started their band activities around one year ago with a one man concert! We had the pleasure to interview them in order to introduce the band to you and we hope that you will give them a chance!

Your band name XANVALA comes from “zanbara gami” (disheveled hair), but what is the meaning behind your stage names?

70.: The original idea was from Souma and it suited what we wanted to express and convey beautifully, so we went with that name. “Zanbara gami” (disheveled hair) includes the meaning of creating a unity together with the audience, which is born from the beauty of disarrangement or disorder.

Souma: The Japanese pronunciation is “ZANBARA”, but we were very determined to make it sound stylish, therefore it is pronounced “XANVALA”.

Your first appearance as XANVALA in January was already a one man concert, wasn’t it? You didn’t do any events in advance?

70.: Before we started XANVALA, we had a session band called SCALA. We were doing events under that name. Accordingly, we had many opportunities to try to find out what we wanted to do, but we thought that it definitely would be better if we could do many one-man concerts with this band and therefore decided to have a one-man concert from the very beginning.

You rarely see bands starting their career with a one man concert, what made you decide to start your band activities like that?

70.: It’s not really a reason, but if you want to do a one-man concert, you inevitably need to increase your songs which is connected to the fans getting to know you better. We decided that a one-man concert would help conveying what kind of band we are to many people easily and therefore choose that way. Our main producer Souma was really giving his best for that purpose.

Why did you decide to start a band?

Tatsumi: When I first attended a concert, I thought that I also wanted to stand on stage. That’s why.

Yuhma: From the moment I touched the guitar for the first time, I was convinced that I’d become a guitarist.

70.: It was popular to play an instrument in my hometown, that’s why.

Souma: During our school festival in high school I thought that I don’t want to leave school like that. 

Tomoya: Because I wanted to go on tour.

How did the 5 of you meet?

70.: Originally Yuhma, Tomoya and I, and Tatsumi and Souma were in a band together. We were searching for a great vocalist and found the Tatsumi combination by chance.

Souma: The Tatsumi combination was formed in college.

Why did you choose visual kei?

Tatsumi: I always admired it.

Yuhma: I didn’t just want to make music to listen to, but wanted to make music that fascinates you.

70.: I was attracted to how freely you can express yourself.

Souma: Because I like the anime-like world view.

Tomoya: The bands I listened to happen to be visual kei, that’s why I chose it.

Are there bands you got influenced by?




Souma: Matenrou Opera.

Tomoya: the GazettE.

How do you proceed during song production?

Souma: 30% is: what do we need? and 70% is: it would be great to have such a song.

Tomoya: We imagine performing that song at concerts and put it into form.

Your most recent release XANADU, as well as the one before were both released during the current pandemic. Were they influenced by it?

Tatsumi: The content of XANADUs lyrics are about the pandemic and I wrote the lyrics in an optimistic way. In that matter I think it was influenced by the pandemic. Unexpectedly, the production also proceeded smoothly.

70.: XANADU is a fighting song. Right now many people are struggling because of corona. But it’s not just limited to corona, I am happy that we were able to create a song that encourages people who are struggling.

Souma: XANADU was created while wondering what songs would give us the courage to overcome depressed moods. The album ROKUJUUSOU (陸重奏) was released during the time we weren’t able to have concerts and includes the recorded songs from the single that are sold out.

Tomoya: We own our own recording equipment, therefore the production itself wasn’t affected. I’m glad we were able to release music regularly.

As you just started your band activities, the current situation with the corona virus probably made it very difficult for you to pursue your dreams, but do you have a dream or goal you want to reach?

70.: During the corona crisis, we had times where we were worried about what we could do, but it was a year where we were able to continue what we were capable of without giving up. And we also received a lot of feedback from our fans in regards to the things we did. I strongly believe that the confidence we received is connected to the success of the band. If we can get through such hardships, there is no dream we can’t fulfil.

Would you tell us 3 things that are important to you, to get to know you better?

Tatsumi: The band, the people related to the band, games.

Souma: Sleep, music, all our fans.

70.: Family, friends, the band.

Tomoya: The band, concerts and drums.

 If you had to choose one of the other members’ position and instruments, what would you choose and why?

Tatsumi: Bass. I want to try slapping.

Yuma: The drums. It must be great to release dynamic sounds.

Souma: Vocal. I want to improve my singing and therefore need an excuse to practise.

Tomoya: Guitar. I want to run around on stage.

 What are the characteristics of your concerts?

Tatsumi: Lots of physical exercise.

Yuhma: Catchy (in English)

70.: They’re just like our concept.

Souma: You might not expect it, but we have many beautiful songs.

Tomoya: They’re sport.

Which song is the most fun at concerts?

Tatsumi: CREEPER. 

Yuhma: JISEI (ジセイ).

Souma: BUNMEI KAIKA (文明開花).

Tomoya: TRAGEDY HA GITAI SURU (トラジェディは擬態する).

Is there something you always have to do before a concert?

Tatsumi: I need to be alone for some time.

Yuhma: Brushing my teeth.

Souma: Stretching my Achilles tendon.

Tomoya: Stretching the muscles of the shoulder blade and jumping.

And before we close this interview, we would like to ask you to leave a message to your overseas fans.

Tatsumi: Please check out XANVALA. You won’t regret it. One day, we will go and stand before you.

Yuhma: I promise you, we will have concerts around the world one day. Please don’t take your eyes off us.

Souma: We will definitely go and meet you. Please just wait a little for us, okay?

70.: Everyone has it difficult during the coronavirus crisis, but I’d be happy if we could still give something to you, even if you are far away.

Tomoya: I’m looking forward to the day where we can meet directly.


It would be great if you could support us with a small donation.
It might not be much for you, but it would help us providing more and better interviews in the future.
With a little bit of your support we might be able to realize even more!

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