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breakin’holiday is very well known for their close proximity to their fans. They regularly have twitcasts and insta lives and usually share a lot in English too. This time we had the pleasure to interview them to get to know them even better!

First of all we would like to ask what the band name breakin’holiday means and why you chose it?

Sakai: The name came from Juri, but I really like it. It doesn’t have a deeper meaning, but I hope we can give it a meaning with our activities. It’s a name we are really proud of. 

Before breakin’holiday you were part of DELUHI and 12012. How did you first cross paths?

Juri: I got introduced to Sakai by a friend. 

aggy: Juri already knew Sakai, but I met him for the first time as a session member. 

And how did you decide to establish breakin’holiday?

aggy: Juri suggested that he wanted to create a band together during our session. 

Since you played in bands before for several years, how was it to start a new band and start at zero again? 

Juri: First of all, I wanted to continue with music, because I like it. 

With Sujk joining you as a support drummer, you changed to the “new breakin’holiday”. How is the “new breakin’holiday” different from the old one? 

Juri: We laugh more. 

aggy: I think it has changed dramatically. I might think so especially because I’m a bassist, but the songs changed through Sujks drum play, even though the phrases are the same. 

You sell some interesting merchandise, like toothbrushes for example. Who comes up with the merchandise idea? 

aggy: We revise the opinions and ideas of the member and make them into goods. Although I’m usually the one who doesn’t know what we should make.

Which song would you recommend to get an impression of your music?

Sakai: CRY. 

Are there any Japanese or overseas bands that inspired you? 

Sakai: Muse, The1975, back number, King Gnu. 

aggy: Of course. My roots are RAMONES, RANCID and NIRVANA. As for Japanese bands its BLANKEY JET CITY, THE BLUE HEARTS and BRAHMAN. But when I think about it now, there is a good Japanese band that starts with a “b”. Please check out breakin’holiday. 

How do you create songs in general? 

Sakai: First I imagine what to express during a concert and then I summarize what I want to convey in the lyrics. When the demo is ready, I tell the other members the meaning of the song and they record their part. 

If you could choose an instrument and the position of another member, which one would you choose and why?

Juri: Bass. Because it’s an instrument I haven’t played much. 

Sakai: Drums. I think they are the coolest instrument. 

aggy: I want to use maracas in the middle of the stage. 

Sujk: Bass, I think? I want to try it again, because I made a mistake when I played it once during a part change.

You released your 1st single CRY as the new breakin’ holiday in June last year, your 2nd single NOT FOR ME. in July and the 3rd single NOTICE in August. Could you tell us why you released 3 singles within only 3 months?

Sakai: Many concerts have been postponed or canceled due to the pandemic. I think everyone who supported us was worried about how things would turn out. We decided to release continuously with the hope that we could reduce those worries and that our fans could enjoy the songs during the stay home period. In addition, it was also our intent to show that we will continue to share even in a situation like this. 

As all singles were released in the middle of the current pandemic, it was probably influenced by the situation in one way or the other, wasn’t it?

Sakai: I thought that without concerts the production would make us lose our motivation, but all members had a strong desire to resolve this situation quickly, so I think this work is more emotional.   

Is there a song you always play at concerts?

Juri: CRY.

You often participate in events together with other other bands. What do you like about events together with other bands? 

aggy: The good thing about events is the strong impact yu receive. As for events when we do a concert in the same space and on the same stage with other bands, it’s refreshing and works like nourishment for me. 

Is there a band you want to have a concert with one day?

Juri: There aren’t any now, but I want to find one. 

Do you want to perform overseas one day? Are there countries you would like to perform?

aggy: I really want to! I want to perform in Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, London, Rome, Venice, Napoli, Amsterdam. And in a water bungalow in the Maldives.    

You also communicate with oversea fans in english on Twitter. Are there also overseas fans coming to your concerts? 

aggy: Yes. Compared to other bands we might even have more overseas fans. 

Is there a word or phrase in English or another language that you like?

aggy: English ones; vibes, swag, cool, great, yummy and the italian buon appetito. Also, I like reggae terms. They have great peaceful vibes (laughs). 

To close this interview, kindly leave a message to our readers.

Juri: Thank you for reading this interview. If we do a concert overseas one day, please come and see us.

Sakai: We are still staying in Japan for concerts, but one of our goals is to perform overseas. I think we will meet everyone in the future, so please look forward to it. 

aggy: YAHMAN. 

Sujk: Thank you very much for checking our broadcasts. When we will be able to perform overseas, please come and see us. 

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It would be great if you could support us with a small donation.
It might not be much for you, but it would help us providing more and better interviews in the future.
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