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Their magnificient outfits are always an eye-catcher, but that alone isn’t enough to last for 10 years in the visual kei scene. Their sound and attitude towards music and their own band helped them through tough times and made them grow even further!

To start this interview, we would like to ask you about your band name. Why did you choose Scarlet Valse?

You: The name was already decided when Kakeru invited me to the band. I thought it was a good band name with the meaning it carried.

Rin: This is the first time I’m hearing about this (laughs)!

Kakeru: I had classical and heavy metal in mind as the basic music concept. I wanted to express beautiful things so I chose roses as the image concept. Also personally, I love Ghibli. The Spell of Destruction “Barusu” from Laputa: Castle in the Sky and the French word “Valse” have the same pronunciation so I combined the “Scarlet” of roses with the French word “Valse”, creating the meaning “Crimson Ball” and “Scarlet Destruction”.

Kakeru and You. are in the band longest. There are people who think that a band always starts from 0 after a member change, how was it for you? And how was it for Rin, Shian and Yo-hey to enter the band after it was already formed?

Kakeru: Both You. and I have our accumulated experiences so I don’t think you have to start from zero again. Adding the power of the members who joined later, I think it becomes even more of an advantage.

You.: The members who joined later are also experienced, and they have high adaptability so I have never felt that we return to zero no matter how many times we change members.

Rin: While cherishing the past, I wanted to create a new band style.

Shian: I was so excited before and after joining the band because I felt that I could do the things I hadn’t been able to do yet!

Yo-hey: I joined in 2016, but I think it is getting better and better with time!

Your outfits are very extravagant with a lot of details. How do you come up with such unique outfits?

You.: Most of Scarlet Valse’s outfıts  are suggested by stylists and designers, but I draw ideas from different clothes.

Shian: We entrust stylists and designers to design them according to our concept!

Kakeru: We imagine each concept, and cast the members for different roles. Then, we listen to the members’ opinions and requests, and have a briefing session with the costume staff for completion. 

What does visual kei mean for you?

Kakeru: It’s something I love, it’s deep, and it’s a place where I should keep improving myself.

You.: It’s a way of expression.

Rin: It’s a place where I am supposed to be.

Shian: It’s a weapon that can be expressed visually!

Yo-hey: It has admiration and connection!

Most of the comments under your MVs on YouTube are from overseas fans from various countries. Did you expect to reach so many people outside of Japan with your music? 

Rin: Yes, because there is no distance in the world right now.

You.: Of course we did. I think, especially for this type of music, there are more fans abroad than in Japan.

Kakeru: From the time we first started Scarlet Valse I felt that the number of overseas fans were somewhat increasing as Street Teams were slowly starting to form all around the world. I want even more people to know about us.

Shian: I hope the number of fans will increase overseas as well! We would also love to perform abroad!

You use religious elements for your MVs. Like for HEAVEN which was shot in a church. What is the reason behind that concept? 

You.: Since the song and the visual looks reflected the concept of angel, we used a church to emphasize that image.

Kakeru: Speaking of angels, they have a rather religious image. The most suitable place was surely a church. The ceiling is high so it feels like the members are flying down from heaven.

Shian: Choosing a place that matches the image of the song is also an important point!

How would you describe your music with 3 words?

Kakeru; Beautiful, Metal, catchy (in English).

You.: Rhythm, melody, hard (in English).

Rin: Hard, beauty, and love (in English).

Shian: Freedom! Energetic! Happy!

Yo-hey: Roar, Silence, Passion.

You will reach your 10th anniversary this year. Is there something you accomplished within the decade that you didn’t think was possible when you started with the band?

Shian: All of it! I have always challenged things without being sure whether I can accomplish them, so none of the things I have done so far feels like the things I have imagined.

You.: It’s still a long way to go.

Yo-hey: This is the 5th year since I joined, but I think we are steadily improving.

Kakeru: Depending on the goal, there are times we achieve it, and there are times when we feel frustrated. I couldn’t imagine those moments back then in the beginning, but each time we achieve a goal, we set a new one. I couldn’t even imagine that I would be able to set new goals. However, I could always imagine that the band would get better.

What is your biggest motivation to continue making music? 

Kakeru: The fans’ smiles, cheers and love; also alcohol after concerts.

You.: Live concerts.

Rin: Fans’ smiles and my own happiness.

Shian: Having fans is the biggest motivation!

Yo-hey: Having good band members and supportive fans.

What is your favorite thing about being a musician? 

Kakeru: I’d say it is singing, composing and writing lyrics.

You.: Having fans, and being able to perform in front of them.

Rin: Standing on the stage and playing the guitar.

Shian: It has to be performing a passionate concert!

Yo-hey: I love doing concerts where I can see the members’ and fans’ smiles.

What makes you laugh the most during tours or song production?

You.: The fact that the members’ personalities are very diverse, and everyone has their own pace.

Rin: Yo-hey’s remarks (laughs)!

Shian: Yo-hey’s strange remarks that come out unexpectedly (laughs).

Kakeru: Certainly, during the tour, Yo-hey’s ambiguous remarks make us laugh (laughs). During song production, it is when we give the song a temporary title.

Yo-hey: During tours, the funniest part is Shian’s high excitement. During music production, the funniest thing is when the song ends up being a completely different one! It’s like: what is this (laughs)?

Who is the most extrovert and the most introvert member?  

You.: I’m the introvert one, and the extrovert ones are definitely Kakeru and Shian.

Rin: I think Kakeru is the most extroverted, and I’m the most introverted.

Yo-hey: Everyone is extroverted! I don’t think there are any introverted members.

Kakeru: Personally, I think that the most extroverted member is me or Yo-hey.

Shian: I think everyone has both sides!

What 3 items would you take with you on a deserted island?

Kakeru: Alcohol, rock soul, fighting spirit.

You.: House, Sebastian (Black Butler) and Doraemon.

Rin: Cell phone, wallet, cigarettes.

Shian: Water, fishing rod, lighter.

Yo-hey: Camping equipment, down jacket, hot pot.

Finally, what would you like to say to your overseas fans?

Kakeru:I’m looking forward to seeing you. Let’s overcome hardships together!

You.: Let’s meet on a world tour one day! Thank you!!

Rin: No matter how far we are from each other, the distance between you and me disappears with music. Thank you.

Shian: I definitely want to do concerts overseas! Let’s have fun together at that time!

Yo-hey: We will continue to actively engage with overseas so thank you in advance!

Interview: Jenny
Translator: Gamze


It would be great if you could support us with a small donation.
It might not be much for you, but it would help us providing more and better interviews in the future.
With a little bit of your support we might be able to realize even more!

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