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We were fascinated with their cool band name and the dark atmosphere of this band.
If you wan to check out this band, we highly recommend this interview!
Their humour and the things they shared made us look forward to their future band activities!

In January, it has been one year since 鴉-カラス- (hereafter referred to as KARASU) formed. You just started your activities, but we think that due to the coronavirus crisis, it’s difficult for you to pursue your dreams. However, do you have any goal or dream for the band?

Ryo: If you think of a dream as the real meaning of “dream”, it’ll stay at the stage of dream during your whole life, so I don’t have any dream. My goal is to conquer the world.

Kentaro: I want to perform at Tokyo Dome.

Toa: My goal is to continue believing in ourselves.

Takuto: My current dream is to have a concert as before, without being afraid of the COVID-19 infection.

Please tell us how Karasu formed.    

Takuto: I received an invitation from Ryo, we went together to a live house and got in touch with anyone who would be interested in a band. Then we invited members that share the same approach to music.

We think that KARASU is a very cool band name. How did you choose it?

Ryo: We chose a name carrying the meaning of not getting dyed by any color. 

If you have to describe your music with 3 words, what would they be?

Ryo: 3 words are impossible. If I have to say something, then the lyrics are “the history of my life”. 

Kentaro: Love, dream and hope!

Toa: Joy, anger, sorrow, ease… sorry, it’s more than 3 (laughs).

Takuto: Sorrow, feelings, heterogeneity.

Which song would you recommend to someone who hasn’t listened to KARASU yet? 

Ryo: All of them.

Kentaro: SHISHUN KIZU (思春傷).

Toa: Our latest song NEE KIMI NI (ねぇ君に). I want it to improve constantly.

Takuto: NUKEGARA (ぬけがら). It’s a song from our beginning, so I’d like you to watch the live MV and the lyrics video too.

We think that there are bands with a slightly different impression if you compare their CDs and their concert. What do you think about it?

Kentaro: The sound source is nice, but we have many songs whose feelings are easier to convey at concerts.  

Which song is the most fun to perform? 

Ryo: All of them, right?

Kentaro: KANSHOU KYOUIKU (感傷教育)! Especially the guitar solo.

Toa: The sessions we play on a whim between songs are also highlights.

Takuto: It’s just between you and me, but I think that the songs we’re currently working on will become the most exciting songs at concerts.

 What’s the feature of KARASU’s concerts?  

Ryo: Alright. If I have to pick up something, it’s that I am just too cool, isn’t it?
Kentaro: Our sound is cool!!!

Toa: Our emotional instability, we can play a melodious song and suddenly headbang (laughs).

Takuto: We create the setlist being aware of the concert’s flow and development. 

Have you been influenced by Japanese and overseas bands? 

Ryo: Regarding Japanese bands, I received a lot of influence from other than visual kei bands. Regarding foreign artists, I’ve been influenced by Marilyn Manson, KoЯn, Linkin Park.

Kentaro: Regarding Japan, LUNASEA, LʼArc~en~Ciel. Regarding foreign bands, I’m strongly influenced by 80’s 90’s hard rock and heavy metal bands. 

Toa: I’m a bassist, but when I started playing the guitar, I was influenced by Deep Purple.

Takuto: I like metal core sound like Bring me the horizon, I See Stars, and when it was popular, I used to copy their drums pattern. Even now I listen to them a lot.

Who is the member who composes the most songs? And how do you proceed with the creation of your compositions?

Ryo: It’s Kentaro and me. I compose from humming. My voice memos on my iPhone are really embarrassing, so I can’t let you hear them. 

What feelings did you put into your latest release SHISHUN KIZU (思春傷)? 

Ryo: I wrote the lyrics and they describe an unvarnished story about my experiences during my childhood which influenced me . 

Kentaro: I think that it’s a song that sublimates the essence of the visual kei of the earlier years with our own style. 

Finally, please say a few words for your foreign fans. 

Ryo: I’ll go to see you someday!

Kentarou: We’ll definitely go to see you in the near future! Wait for us in Madison Square Garden, ok (laughs)?!

Toa: I’ll prepare myself and study English (laughs).

Takuto: We also have digital releases, so please try to listen to KARASU on the occasion!

Interview: Jenny
Translator: L-A


It would be great if you could support us with a small donation.
It might not be much for you, but it would help us providing more and better interviews in the future.
With a little bit of your support we might be able to realize even more!

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