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Aggressive and melodious, beats that won’t leave you head once you hear them.
UNDEUX definitely know how make impressive songs!

Thank you very much for this interview. You are going to release your 1st full album soon, right? What kind of album is ANDOU NO KIKAGAKUTEKI KITERETSU ONGEN ~MANYOUSHUU~ (安藤の幾何学的奇天烈音源~曼妖醜~)? Will it also include the songs you have accumulated so far?

Mira: The content is exciting, psychedelic at times and surprising.

ALu: The content is worth the full price.

Kai: It’s an album with a lot of expressions. 

Gano: It’s an album that attacks from all directions.

Luchat: I think there are many songs with different tones. 

On your official homepage, you introduce yourselves as “absolutely misfit” and “people living by sticking to their own beliefs”. But what is your personal definition of “misfit” concretely? And what are your beliefs?

Mira: Being free-wheeling. Doing things as we like. Also, I’m worried that I can’t stop smoking in the street.

ALu: We value our individuality.

Kai: We do music and performances that don’t fit the mould.

Gano: It’s about doing things at our own pace, valuing the individuality that no one can take away from us.

Luchat: Freely doing what we enjoy without being labelled. That’s my belief.

Which song would you recommend to someone who hasn’t listened to UNDEUX yet? 

Mira: If you listen to the songs around the time of ANDOU NO UTSUJOU USAGI (安藤の鬱情兎), ANDOU NO GANGIMA OTOME (安藤のGANGIMA乙女), you’ll be happy everyday and that will change the world.

ALu: I think that ANDOU NO MEBUTA (安藤の雌豚) is the most popular, so I guess that it’ll be easier to get a mental image of us if you listen to that one.

Kai: Our new song ANDOU NO UTSUJOU USAGI (安藤の鬱情兎) is even catchier, but still preserves UNDEUX’s original style, so I recommend that.

Gano: I’d like you to listen to all the songs with the term ANDOU (安藤) in the title.

Luchat: ANDOU NO OSENCHI (安藤のおセンチ). It’s a song from our early days, but the lyrics are about ANDOU dying. If you listen to this song paying attention to the lyrics, I think you’ll understand what kind of person ANDOU is.

How do you approach composing a song?

Kai: First I roughly decide on the image of the song I want to compose, then I search for parts, absorb myself in playing the guitar, and then assemble them.

Gano: At first, when I come up with a rough idea for an intro and a chorus, I arrange them while thinking about what kind of song to compose.

Luchat: By intuition! I try to compose only when I’m hit with an idea. If I compose intentionally, I’ll end up with something that I don’t find refreshing personally. So I don’t force myself to compose if I don’t have inspiration.

DR: Luchat
BA: Gano

What is visual kei for you?

Mira: It’s a big dream & nice Japanese culture (in English).

ALu: Entertainment (in English).

Kai: My roots and what I love the most.

Gano: Dreams, hope, the best entertainment.

Luchat: The genre that made me want to start making music.

Have you been influenced by Japanese or overseas bands? 

Mira: Michael Jackson.

ALu: Michael Jackson.

Kai: Yes. I think that metal and funk from overseas in particular have influenced my guitar playing a lot.

Gano: I’ve been influenced by Slipknot a lot.

Luchat: I was totally addicted to Nickelback and Bullet For My Valentine.

We think that it’s currently difficult to pursue your dreams due to the coronavirus crisis. However, do you have any goal or dream for the band?

Mira: I want to do a world tour. I don’t think that the coronavirus crisis is preventing us from pursuing our dreams. FUCK’N CORONA.

ALu: I don’t. If you set a goal and pursue it, then it’s over once you’ve reached it.

Kai: I want to play the guitar with a booming sound on a big stage.

Gano: I want to do one-man concerts in bigger venues than now. It’ll come without doubt once we’re back to normal.

Luchat: I’d be happy if we could become a band that is someone’s encouragement for living in any way.

What is your biggest motivation for continuing to make music?

Mira: I want to be popular.

ALu: I also want to be popular.

Kai: For sure I want to be popular.

Gano: Well, me too, I want to be popular.

Luchat: ↑ May I ask you to stop this show…? But I want to be popular.

GT: Kai

If you could choose the role and the instrument of another member, what would it be? Please tell us why.

Mira: As expected, vocals and nothing else. I want to be popular.

ALu: I’ll do a dance unit with everyone on vocals.

Kai: I’d be a vocalist, because I like singing. I can’t do MCs though.

Gano: Maybe I want to sing.

Luchat: Well, I want to sing as well.

Which character traits of the other members do you like?

Mira: All members are good at kissing.

ALu: It’s easy to deal with them.

Kai: They’re scary but kind.

Gano: They do things at their own pace.

Luchat: They think about the members in one way or the other.

Are there any words or expressions in English or any other language that you like?

Mira: I like Japanese. I think it’s difficult but full of humour.

ALu: Italy, because I like Rome FC.

Kai: I like the elegance of French.

Gano: Italy, because I like Inter Milano.

Luchat: In the sky (in English).

VO: Mira

Finally, please say a few words for your foreign fans. 

Mira: Hello (in English)! I’m very happy that some fans from overseas come to see us at our concerts in Japan and then go back to their country all smiles! Whether you can go to the performances or not due to the impact of the coronavirus, please pay attention to the Japanese band called UNDEUX from overseas and listen to our upcoming new album. Thx (in English).

ALu: I’ll make you our servants.

Kai: We’ll continue to work hard to deliver UNDEUX’s music to people all over the world, so please check us out by all means. Thank you.

Gano: Thank you for knowing about UNDEUX. It’s difficult to go to our concerts due to the current situation, but we won’t give up and we’ll continue to release new stuff, so I hope you’ll keep an eye on our future activities.

Luchat: I think that UNDEUX will continue for a long time. I eventually would like to go on an overseas tour. Please look forward to it.

Interview: Jenny
Translator: L-A
English Edit: Franzi


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