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If you want to be enchanted by a mysterious ambience, then NETH PIERE CAIN is the right band for you! They are strongly inspired by Christianity and its symbolism. However, their music is modern and very addictiveGive them a try!

Thank you very much for having an interview with us. When we looked at the homepage, we got attracted by the concept of the band. There are not only your names and birthdays, you also mention a “criminal record”, a “prison term” and a “prisoner number”, just like in a crime report. That’s for sure an unusual concept that sparks interest.

Itsuki: We are just devoting ourselves to prayer though…

Syuri: I didn’t mean to do anything wrong, I’ve been forced to go against the man-made limitations that are called law in this world (´>∀<`)ゝ

Chigusa: Eh? Maybe we’ve been arrested?

Kenji: We prayed too much and violated the law.

On your official website, you write “We’ll do anything if it’s for our goal, even if it’s a crime…” Do each of you have a personal goal or is there a common objective you want to achieve together?

Itsuki: I want to pray with many people so that we can perform on a big stage in the near future.

Syuri: It’s “Act as you want to!!” (´>∀<`)ゝ That’s my motto!

Chigusa: I don’t want to make my punishment heavier though, you know.

Kenji: Domination of all of mankind.

So do you really do anything to achieve your goals or are there any limits? For example, could you think about some human sacrifices, etc?

Itsuki: There are no limits to fulfill your dreams…

Syuri: I don’t want to hurt anyone.

Chigusa: Even if we devote ourselves to prayer, we won’t sacrifice people. Probably.

Kenji: My mom told me not to do anything wrong. Also, how do you read this kanji??

YOGEN NO YUME, SHUUMATSU NO MOKUSHIROKU (予言の夢、終末の黙示録) is your first mini album, isn’t it? Did you have any trouble while working on the songs? For example, has it been difficult to create any song in particular?

Itsuki: I personally struggled with how to put my emotions into EGAKU YUME-MICHAEL- (描く夢-Michael-).

Syuri: I had trouble integrating various elements into the song while matching the concept of the band.

Chigusa: I thought about the patterns I could use for the bass solo of SHUUEN NO YAKUSAI-LUCIFER- (終焉の厄災-Lucifer-), then carefully selected the phrases, and I got worried about how to organize everything in order to give it both a solo and bass feeling.

Kenji: A little while ago, I became aware of the tempo of the drums, but it took some time to integrate it well into this work.

In addition to the criminal concept, you have songs like JUDAS-TENSHI- (Judas-天紙-), EGAKU YUME-MICHAEL- (描く夢-Michael-) and SHUUEN NO YAKUSAI-LUCIFER- (終焉の厄災-Lucifer-) with many references to Christianity. It completely differs from Japanese religion. What attracted you to this concept?

Itsuki: Because it’s extremely pretentious.

Syuri: I mean, isn’t it very suitable for us?! 

Chigusa: It might be interesting especially because it’s different, don’t you think?

Kenji: It’s not a different concept, we all have the same!

All your new song titles are written in both English and Japanese. This style is new for you, right? Is there any reason for this decision?

Itsuki: It’s because we wanted to completely change what we did so far.

Syuri: We embarked on the Lucifer-compilation and changed our image with it!

Chigusa: I like this subtitles-like feeling.

Kenji: There are times like that, you know~

In PANDORA-HIMITSU- (Pandora-悲蜜-), the lyrics say “Tell me, I want to know your secret and mystery”. Is there something that would be a deal breaker for you if your lover told you their secret? For example, if this person doesn’t like animals?

Itsuki: I don’t think so.

Syuri: Actually, if they have a dingdong. Well I’m obviously joking, though.

Chigusa: Isn’t it better than lying?!

Kenji: I love animals. Cats, dogs, rabbits, etc…

All your songs are very powerful and perfectly suited for concerts, but what is your favourite song?

Itsuki: I like all our songs, but I think that HOOZUKI (ホオヅキ) can be enjoyed by anyone… The high tone of the chorus in JUDAS-TENSHI- (Judas-天紙-) in our latest release sounds very good…

Syuri: I still really like the singing melody of THANATOS. In our latest mini album, it’s DYED ME-RISOU- (Dyed me-離想-). Because it looks like all the members can enjoy its musical performance (laughs).

Chigusa: From this mini album, it’s JUDAS-TENSHI- (Judas-天紙-). I like the bass line of the interlude.

Kenji: My favourite one is “YUUGAO” (「ユウガオ」). Because I’m emotionally attached to it. From this mini album, it’s DYED ME-RISOU- (Dyed me-離想-). Because it has a pretty stylish beat.

The name of your band contains the term “PRIERE”, the French word for “prayer”. Are you especially interested in France?

Itsuki: The writing and pronunciation resonated inside me a lot…

Syuri: I want to try to go to France!!!

Chigusa: Camembert! Camembert!

Kenji: I want to see the Eiffel Tower!!!

And before finishing this interview, thank you for giving a few words to our readers.

Itsuki: Thank you for reading until the end. I want to expand NETH PRIERE CAIN to the world someday.

Syuri: Thank you everyone for your interest and your love towards us!! We’ll continue to work hard to be known by even more people!

Chigusa: First of all, I’m happy that there are some people outside of Japan who know we exist and are interested in our music. Thank you very much. I hope we’ll be able to meet at your place someday.

Kenji: Thank you for taking a look until the end. I’ll pray so that we can have a world tour someday…

Interview: Jenny
Translator: L-A
English Edit: Franzi


It would be great if you could support us with a small donation.
It might not be much for you, but it would help us providing more and better interviews in the future.
With a little bit of your support we might be able to realize even more!

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