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Who would live through a Zombie apocalypse and who would fall first? What band do they want to have a event live with? That any more questions will be answered in our interview! Don’t miss the chance!

You are all from different prefectures outside of Tokyo. How did you meet and decide to start a band in Tokyo?

Kanata: We were all in different bands, that’s how we met.

izuna: Since I was the last to join, I‘ve only known the other band members for 2~3 years.

The first band member that I met was Midori, when he spoke to me at a livehouse.

Midori Aoi: I got to know REIKA through an event planner I was acquainted with. Kanata and I met when our band did a coupling concert with his band (the band he was in before ZOMBIE). I came to know about izuna through Twitter, went to see one of his concerts and made his acquaintance there.

REIKA: I got introduced to the others by an event planner and joined the band in 2015.

You often participate in events together with other bands. What do you like about these particular events? 

Kanata: It‘s the ability to fight intensely, because I hate to lose. 

izuna: I like them because we get in a mood like „We won‘t lose!“ As opposed to a one-man show, we are able to play a concert with a crackling atmosphere and murderous intensity.

Midori Aoi: Standing on the same stage with another band gives rise to your competitive spirit.

REIKA: Because there are fans from other bands, we get all fired up hoping to make them like ZOMBIE.

Is there a band you want to have a concert with one day?

Kanata: Since I started a band because I liked SOPHIA, I want to play a coupling concert with SOPHIA one day.

izuna: I want to do a coupling concert with an idol group that probably smells good.

Midori Aoi: X JAPAN.

REIKA: Motionless in White.

Which songs would you recommend to people who don’t know ZOMBIE yet?

Kanata: I would recommend YONCHOUME APAATO SATSUGAI JIKEN ( 四丁目アパート殺害事件). It‘s my favorite song!

izuna: That would be MADAME FLORENCE NO JINTAI CHOURI KOUZA (マダム・フローレンスの人体調理講座). It has a creepy ambience that pierces your chest and is typical for ZOMBIE.

Midori Aoi: SUBETE GA OWARU YORU NI (すべてが終わる夜に) and SONG FOR ME… .


So, since your band’s name is ZOMBIE, which member would survive a zombie apocalypse the longest, and who would fall first and why?  

Kanata: I would probably be the first to die… since I‘m in bad shape. Since Midori is health-conscious, he would probably live long.

izuna: Kanata would survive for a long time. He doesn‘t catch the flu and is lively and cheerful even when he doesn‘t sleep at all. The one to die first would be me. Because I smoke.

Midori Aoi: The person who lives long → Kanata. Because I have never seen him catch a cold or stuff like that. The person who dies first: Myself. Because I don‘t have the desire to live long.

REIKA: Midori would probably be the one to live long, because he takes care of his eating habits. I will have a short life, because I don‘t think of myself living for a long time.

You have been in the music business for a long time, what was the most touching thing that’s happened so far? 

Kanata: I was happy when our first one-man show sold out.

izuna: ZOMBIE is the first band for me to participate in, so I was really moved when we finished the second final of our -SAIKAI- tour. Since the spread of the coronavirus, I felt quite anxious… But getting through that and then celebrating with everyone during the second final moved me deeply. 

Midori Aoi: I‘m touched each and every time  fans show up to our concerts.

REIKA: When I was able to play together with a drummer I respect.

Do you have any fun stories that happened while on tour or during a performance that you can share with us?

Kanata: When we are drinking among the band members at the start of a tour, we don‘t talk about band stuff and laugh at silly things.

izuna: On tours we had a segment for MCs where REIKA ate specialties of various regions. He was very peculiar with his food report and that was funny.

Midori Aoi: When we first visited the provinces, our equipment car broke down and it got towed away by a tow truck.

REIKA: Each concert is so much fun!

If you could go anywhere in the world right now for travel and for lives, where would you like to go?

Kanata: I want to go to Guam and drink beer at the beach!

Izuna: I want to go to the US. I want to go shopping in a giant shopping mall or supermarket.

Midori Aoi: Because I am not good with being on a plane for a long time, some nearby places like Taiwan, South Korea or Okinawa.

REIKA: Kanazawa city in the Ishikawa prefecture.

At last, please leave a message for your fans from overseas!

Kanata: ZOMBIE is very cool, so please listen to us a lot!

izuna: We are having a hard time because of corona, but let us overcome this while listening to our songs!I Pray that we are able to meet in person one day.

Midori Aoi: Thank you very much for always supporting us! We‘ll make an effort so that ZOMBIE‘s music will reach countries abroad even more.

REIKA: I want you to listen to and watch many songs on YouTube! Also, let us meet at a livehouse one day!

Interview: Chris
Translator: Katharina
English Edit: Franzi

Kanata (Vo.)
izuna (Gt.)
Midori Aoi (Ba.)

It would be great if you could support us with a small donation.
It might not be much for you, but it would help us providing more and better interviews in the future.
With a little bit of your support we might be able to realize even more!

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