The Writer’s Blog

Hello everyone!

With this post I will introduce another feature of Paradox Translations. I will call it: The Writer’s Blog.

This blog will contain small stories from my work with bands (although I won’t mention any names), thoughts about our works and translation in general and many more things.

I really wanted to offer all my content for free as long as I could and came to the conclusion that an additional blog with stories from behind the scenes for those who want to support me and my project, would be the best solution to keep the main content for free.

Please let me introduce my plans for Patreon. I created 3 levels to support me. 

The first one includes a journal, where I share stories about the work as an interviewer/ translator, funny situations that happened during greetings (mostly me embarrassing myself, but I guess you’ll like those…), thoughts about my work and the music scene and many many more.

The second one includes everything the first level includes and additionally a Q&A corner. Whatever you want to know – name it, I try to reply the best I can. 

And the last one has everything the other two levels have, but additionally you get exclusive previews of our interviews and live reports! 

I am planning to post about 2 times a week, but depending on my schedule, it might differ a little here and there.

This is a good opportunity to get a small view behind the scenes and I hope you will find it as exciting as I do!

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