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Their backgrounds couldn’t be more different but together they are creating music that makes you want to listen to all day. Now they are back with a new album that is not only very promising but also has a very interesting name!

Kazuki and Reiya, you formed XaaXaa together as brothers. What is it like to be working with your family?

Kazuki: Because we are related we share a lot of the same interests. It’s pretty easy.

Reiya: We’re more like friends than family.

An: Ah~! It’s actually really comfortable. 

All of the members have very interesting career histories. Haru was a manager at an udon restaurant, and An was a professional wrestler before joining XaaXaa. How did you all meet?

Kazuki: I was introduced to both of them by acquaintances.

Haru: Kazuki and Reiya → from the previous band when I was living in Shikoku. An → Right before the initial drummer left the band.

Reiya: I didn’t know them when they were working at an udon restaurant or working as a professional wrestler. I met them some time after that.

An: I was introduced to everyone in XaaXaa through DADAROMA. I think it was around June 2017.

You moved your base of activities to Tokyo in 2017 to expand your range. Have you felt any major changes since then?

Kazuki: Ever since we joined a management office in Tokyo, our workload has decreased, so we are able to concentrate on making music now.

Haru: Rents are expensive!

Reiya: The management office is in Tokyo, so it’s easier to do our activities here. As expected, more and more people are getting to know XaaXaa ever since we moved to Tokyo.

An: I’ve learned how to cook.

You recently released a new album called SHIPPAISAKU (失敗作; Failed Work). It is very interesting to choose “Failed Work” as an album title. Why did you choose it?

Kazuki: I think there aren’t that many people who believe everything’s been going well when they look back on their own lives. Many think their lives are filled with failures, so we chose this title to express life with our music.

Reiya: It’s the expression of the negative side of XaaXaa.

An: There were other ideas, too, but we chose “Failed Work” because it had a different impact than the other options. That’s why I pushed the idea that it should be the title.

There are 10 songs in SHIPPAISAKU (失敗作). Which one is your favorite?

Kazuki: RYUUSHUTSU (流出).

Haru: A lot of my favorite guitar phrasings are in RYUUSHUTSU (流出). 

Reiya: If I have to choose just one, I’d say SHOUKYO (消去).

An: NEJI MAGATTASHI NE (ねじ曲がったしね).

You shot music videos for JUUGATSU ITSUKA GETSUYOUBI, BARABARA (10 月 5 日月曜日、バラバラ) and AZA (痣). Why did you choose these two songs?

Kazuki: We wanted to release both a maniacal and a catchy song, so we chose those two.

Haru: Intensity and the feeling of being behind closed doors.

Reiya: I think it’s because they are two opposite songs.

An: We wanted to have people listen to two songs with different shades, so we decided to go with these two.

SHIPPAISAKU (失敗作) is your first new work in 4 years. Since the pandemic started, everything has changed. How was the music production for this album compared to before COVID?

Kazuki: The environment of the live performances have changed, but the songwriting environment has not.

Haru: In terms of music production, nothing has changed. Just like before, we come together as 4 members and do the production.

Reiya: As XaaXaa members, we created it silently in the studio as we always do. 

An: Even though the situation has changed, we still only produce what we think is cool. That’s probably the reason why composing goes very smoothly.

Please tell us about a funny or unexpected thing that happened when you were producing SHIPPAISAKU (失敗作).

Kazuki: These are all songs we created new from scratch, but only JUUGATSU ITSUKA GETSUYOUBI, BARABARA (10月5日月曜日、バラバラ) was created one year ago.

Haru: The success of this album.

Reiya: I worried about the bass phrasing that I already recorded until the very last minute and kept rerecording it so many times.

An: I was always a PEYOUNG (ペヤング; a brand of yakisoba) person, but after I tried IPPEICHAN (一平ちゃん; another brand of yakisoba) together with the band members, it was so delicious that I’ve become addicted to it. That was quite unexpected.

In September, you held an event called XaaXaa x Stella Map Cafe (ザアザア×ステラマップカフェ). The menu looked so good, and all of the members offered food and drinks of their own choosing. Can you tell us why you chose the food and drinks you offered?

Kazuki: I like sweets, so I chose cream puffs. I also like tapioka, so I included it, too.

Haru: Because I’m a former udon restaurant manager, and I like highball.

Reiya: Because I like curry and spicy food, I chose an extremely spicy curry. Also, I picked a refreshing drink to go with that curry.

An: I picked red bean paste because I like sweet things, and there was even a time when I was actually thinking about making my name Anko (餡子, red bean paste) in the band.

You have already done a concert in Taiwan, but are you planning to do concerts in other countries someday?

Kazuki: I don’t know when exactly but I definitely want to.

Haru: I definitely want to.

Reiya: It’s not decided yet, but I definitely want to if people want to see XaaXaa.

An: Of course. I certainly want to go.

Lastly, do you have a message for your overseas fans?

Kazuki: It’s difficult to go overseas for a concert, but our music and videos are available everywhere, so please feel free to watch them.

Haru: We will come and see you one day so please wait for us. Please come to Japan to see us, too.

Reiya: We are XaaXaa. We’re just a band that sings about sadness with all our hearts. Thank you in advance.

An: thank you!!I LOVE YOU!!(In English)

Interview: Chris
Translator: Gamze
English Edit: Franzi


It would be great if you could support us with a small donation.
It might not be much for you, but it would help us providing more and better interviews in the future.
With a little bit of your support we might be able to realize even more!

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