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Rorschach inc. is a mysterious band who wears rabbit masks and refers to their members by numbers. They shared some interesting insights about their band concept and their new single KEMURI with us, so check it out!

You chose an interesting, and indeed very mysterious concept as the “mysterious band of underground rabbit humanoids”. You hide your faces and names and refer to yourselves by numbers instead of names. What does “mysterious band of underground rabbit humanoids” mean for you, and how did you come up with this concept?

Ichigou: We came from deep under the ground!! There are many things underground that ”don’t exist“ above ground. Everyone above ground has gotten tired of the things that exist here. Therefore we want you to sing together with us, so you can join us in our search for things that don’t exist above ground.

The concept of wearing masks reminds us a little of MAN WITH A MISSION with their wolf masks. Were you inspired by them when you decided on your concept? 

Ichigou: They are from outer space? Aren’t they? Like I said, we are from the underground (laughs).

Besides your mysterious concept, you have chosen a mysterious name for your band. Rorschach inc. immediately brings to mind the Rorschach inkblot test that’s used in psychology to reveal one’s personality as well as the deepest thoughts hidden in one’s mind. How did you come up with this name? Do you want to reach the deepest thoughts of your fans through your music?

Ichigou: Something like that. How exactly do our music and our look appear? Please take a look or listen to it and then tell us what kind of form we are presenting!

We noticed that there is an ICHIGOU (number 1), NIGOU (number 2), SANGOU (number 3) and NANAGOU (number 7). Why does it skip from 3 to 7? Are there hidden members between 3 and 7, or is there a special meaning to the number 7?

Ichigou: Huh …

Nigou: When they called me into the band, I couldn’t confirm the existence of the numbers 4, 5, and 6. 

Sangou: Hmm, I wonder.

Nanagou: Originally, we had the numbers 4, 5 and 6. I can’t say more than this …

How would you describe your music and live performance in 3 words?

Ichigou: I’m the strongest and fun.

Nigou: Fun, cool, the strongest.

Sangou: Heavy, in high spirits, amusing MCs.

Nanagou: Heavy bass, high-spirited, fun.

You involved your fans as extras in your first MV, WATCHMEN, and you all seemed to have so much fun. How did you come up with this idea? Also, how was it to work together with your fans to create your very first MV? Finally, can we expect more fan involvement in your future work as well?

Ichigou: I think that’s a given!! If we get the chance to play overseas, it might be interesting to film a video at an overseas location and let all the fans there participate in it!!

Nigou: It was the first time we made a MV together with guests and it was very funny. I would be happy if we could do this together again.

Sangou: We did this because Ichigou said that he wanted to do it. It was our first time, but I’m glad we did it.

Nanagou: It was so much fun to shoot this together with our fans. And since we could also speak with the fans while waiting for the shooting, we were able to have some fun.

Your new song KEMURI combines techno elements with hard beats and a chorus that’s stuck in our heads. We can imagine just how much fun this song will be during a concert. How do you imagine the crowd’s reaction to this song?

Ichigou: I feel like saying, you should just rely on me! Because if you simply follow my lead, you’ll end up going wild before you even notice.

Nigou: I want them to go super crazy,  and since the song is full of cool drum phrases I definitely want them to sense those with their eyes and ears.

Sangou: I guess they will go wild. I’d be depressed if they didn’t exceed my expectations.

Nanagou: I want them to go absolutely crazy.

KEMURI came out recently as a digital release, which is very easy to obtain overseas. Are you interested in reaching overseas fans also? Do you want to go overseas for a tour someday?

Ichigou: Because I really want to go there, please call for us! 🐰

Nigou: We’ll come to you, so please call!

Sangou: If you call for us, I’d like to go!

Nanagou: If there is someone who calls us, I would like to go for sure!

Before we close this interview, we would like to get to know you a little better! You are from the underground, right? So, what was the greatest and what was the most difficult thing after you came to the surface?  

Ichigou: The greatest are really our concerts, the most difficult is that things cost money (laughs).

Nigou: The greatest is the time I am spacing out on my own, the most difficult is walking in crowded places and nearly bumping into others.

Sangou: Filing a tax return.

Nanagou: The greatest thing is the sheer amount of toys and anime that’s out there. The most difficult part is packed trains in the morning.

Personally, we think Japanese cuisine is really delicious. Have you had the chance to try out foreign cuisines also? Is there something you really like?

Ichigou: I like Thai cuisine and Dutch cheese is delicious, too. I like many things!! I also want to try American cuisine.

Nigou: Anchovy French Toast was delicious.

Sangou: I liked Mac and Cheese.

Nanagou: Hamburger.

Apart from music, what do you like to do during your free time?

Ichigou: I play video games or assemble Gundam model kits!!

Nigou: I watch anime, play video games and sleep.

Sangou: Sleeping, drinking alcohol.

Nanagou: PC games, watching YouTube.

And finally, please leave a message to your fans overseas!

Ichigou: Nice to meet you, YOROSI-KA? [transl.: How are you?] I’m Ichigou!! Please get to like us and then let’s live for each other while being stunningly lost and insane! But first, please lend me your ears!

Nigou: Nice to meet you. I’m Nigou. I will work even harder from now on, because it is one of my goals and my dream to be able to play a concert wherever you guys live. We would be really happy if you could listen to our songs a lot, fall in love with us and support us. We’ll keep on going while looking forward to the chance to meet you somewhere, so please support us from now on!

Sangou: Nice to meet you, I’m Sangou. If you already like me, keep supporting me! If you don’t know me yet and you’re curious, check out my social media and listen to my music [In English].

Nanagou: Nice to meet you! I’m Nanagou. Please support us! We deliver thrilling music, so please make sure to listen to us! Also, if we ever get the chance to play a concert in your country, by all means let’s enjoy it together!

Interview: Jenny & Gamze
Translator: Katharina
English Edit: Franzi

Rorschach Inc. OFFICIALRorschach Inc. OFFICIAL TWITTER

It would be great if you could support us with a small donation.
It might not be much for you, but it would help us providing more and better interviews in the future.
With a little bit of your support we might be able to realize even more!

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