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We had the pleasure to introduce them to you through an interview last year and now; we want to present to you their live performance in form of a live report!

breakin’holiday celebrated their 4th anniversary on 9th of April at WildSideTokyo. Even though Juri (Vo./ex. DELUHI), Aggy (Ba./ ex. DELUHI) and Sakai (Gt./12012) originally formed the band in January 2018, they restructured in April 2020 with Sujk (ex. DELUHI) as their new support drummer. Prior to the concert, breakin’holiday also hosted a talk show for their fans with the opportunity to take a picture with the members.

While the band got ready for their concert, the fans tried their luck at the concert lottery, where they could win additional photos with the members and limited goods, among other things. The concert started on time and the band surprised the audience with new outfits. All members were dressed in classic black, but Juri was the only one who entered the stage in a suit, covered in rhinestones. Aggy and Sakai wore matching sleeveless shirts and light harnesses. The pearl accessories of Aggy and Sujk were truly eye-catching. 

The first song was CRY. It’s still not allowed to shout or scream during concerts, but the audience made sure to show their enthusiasm and support by performing the furi of the song. Juri also introduced Sakai with “on guitar, Sakai!” right before his amazing guitar solo. FANTASIA was the second song and it’s impossible not to start jumping or headbanging, because the heavy beats just want you to move along. The first row especially went wild and Aggy gave his all as well. To everyone’s surprise, breakin’holiday performed a completely new song next and we can already reveal that beginning has a sick beat!

During a short MC, Juri mentioned that their 4th anniversary concert is the first concert in a while where they didn’t share the stage with other bands, before they continued with KAIBUTSU (怪物). KAIBUTSU (怪物) is one of their most powerful songs and directly from the beginning, the audience headbanged to Juri’s deep growling. Sakai also showed his skills during another guitar solo. Because Sujk had troubles with his drum set, the band took a small break, during which Juri and Sakai talked about random things – like Sakai’s new haircut – and amused the audience. They continued their show with bullshit, followed by As you are. During As you are, Sakai encouraged the audience to clap their hands and Juri leaned playfully against Aggy

To start the main MC, Juri thanked their fans for coming to their 4th anniversary concert, before he handed the microphone to Sujk. Sujk talked shortly about his support position within the band, which he has held for 2 years already. He also made sure to mention that he enjoyed the concert, even though his drum set gave him some troubles. To everyone’s surprise, Aggy revealed that they worked on another song. Juri emphasized that it has been a long time, but he hopes that everyone will enjoy them. 

After the MC, breakin’holiday performed the second new song, called stay with you, an emotional and enchanting ballad. While Juri put all his heart into the song, the audience listened intently. Also during the next song, Not for me, Juri showed all his emotion and feelings for the song, while holding back tears. Notice started with acapella. Compared to Stay with you and Not for me, Notice is more powerful and a few fans started to move again to the catchy beat. After the song, Aggy quickly left the stage, just to come back with a birthday cake for Juri, which he brought to the edge of the stage to show their fans. The members and the audience all sang “Happy Birthday”, before Juri was allowed to finally taste his fruit cake. He even fed some cake to Aggy

The last song before the encore was Lilith. This song is also extremely powerful and Sujk hit the drums with an amazing force. But the other members also made sure to give their all for the last song and were clearly exhausted by the end of it. Both Aggy and Sakai held their instruments above their heads before they left the stage to get a small break. 

To close their 4th anniversary concert, breakin’holiday performed FANTASIA again, which was perfect to end the concert because even though the song has many hard parts, it also has equally cheerful parts where you just have to jump and enjoy yourself. 

breakin’holiday delivered a powerful show and even surprised their fans with new songs after nearly two years. Even though Sujk faced some troubles, the band reacted quickly and entertained their audience from the beginning until the very end. Overall, the concert was a success and we wish breakin’holiday a happy 4th anniversary and are looking forward to the official release of the new songs.

Report: Chris
English edit: Kaity

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It would be great if you could support us with a small donation.
It might not be much for you, but it would help us providing more and better interviews in the future.
With a little bit of your support we might be able to realize even more!

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