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5 years of ACME! We had the pleasure of celebrating this milestone together with the band and wanted to share our experience with you! Read about their emotional 5th anniversary here and only here!

On May 15th, ACME held the final concert of their 5th Anniversary Tour: “5EN5ATION” at Shibuya CYCLONE. The tour, which had a title  decided by the fans, started at the beginning of May, and consisted of 4 big cities in Japan. 

ACME was formed back in 2017 by CHISA (vocal; ex. DIV) and SHOGO(guitar; ex. DIV). HAL (drums; ex. ARTEMA) and RIKITO (bass) joined later, completing the band. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, the band has had to cancel their 3rd and 4th year Anniversary Tours, making their 5th Anniversary Tour extra special. However, despite the pandemic, ACME has never stopped reaching out to their fans both in Japan and overseas. 

The concert started with SENKOU, a very high energy song that also was the title of their first mini album. The fans immediately started jumping, headbanging, and moving to the rhythm. All of the band members were giving their everything to the song while the stage lights were changing colors with the beat. Next song was COME BACK TO YOU, during which CHISA showed off his amazing vocals and screams. Fans, once again, immediately broke into jumping and headbanging, and so did the band members! It was very easy to see just how much fun everybody was having. The concert continued with BARGUEST, and towards the middle part of the song, CHISA signaled the  crowd to create a mosh pit. Fans immediately formed the pit, and some started moshing by running around in circles while CHISA sat down at the end of the stage and reached out his arms to be able to high five the moshing fans. 

During the first MC break, CHISA thanked the audience for coming to the concert. SHOGO talked about how HAL broke a normally hard-to-break part of the drums while he was playing their new release, HEAVEN’S DOOR, during the Fukuoka concert. CHISA asked him if he wanted to break something at today’s concert as well, to which SHOGO laughed and replied with “That would be troublesome. I want to do my very best today”, making both the members and fans laugh. RIKITO told everyone that they prepared a hard and energetic setlist for the tour final, and said that his only wish regarding the tour final is that fans have a great time during it. HAL also thanked the fans who attended the concert, and told them  that he only has one request: for them  to applaud as hard as they can because they still cannot shout or talk during the concerts due to  the restrictions. Finally, CHISA added that this is the longest he has been in the same band ever since he moved to Tokyo, and said he really enjoys his time with these particular members. 

The concert continued with HEAVEN’S DOOR, which was released digitally this month. Fans immediately started to jump and enjoy the song. Luckily, none of the instruments broke during the song this time! The concert continued with hard and high energy songs without giving anyone any time to rest, and both the members and fans were giving their all. After ADVENTURE TIME, they stopped for a few minutes as CHISA got his guitar ready for LAST ONE SHOW. The band members kept talking and entertaining the crowd during this time. CHISA said that they decided to do as many songs as they can for the tour final, and indeed they did 20 songs in total during the concert! 

CHISA thanked his fans for supporting them for 5 years before moving onto GIFT, which suited very well for their 5th anniversary celebration. All members were smiling and making eye contact with the audience throughout this song, conveying their appreciation for them. After playing RE:, ACME had another MC break during which  the members talked more about how much they appreciate their fans for supporting them for 5 years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The band members also said that they were very happy to be doing many online activities during this time, as it helped them connect with their fans all over the world, and even to meet new fans. They all mentioned that not only do they appreciate their fans, but they also appreciate each other as band members. ACME also surprised everyone by playing an unreleased brand-new song, KAGARIBI, for the first time! While CHISA explained that KAGARIBI represented their wish to gather together with their current, past, and future fans, HAL made a joke about how they created and played two new songs back-to-back during this tour. Even though it was a new song, fans immediately started to move to the beat. We can already say that it is an amazing song that is perfect for concerts! 

The last song of the concert was MELODY. Right before they started playing this song, the members expressed their wish to celebrate many more anniversaries with their fans, and explained that in order to convey their feelings of appreciation and love towards their fans, they chose MELODY to be the last song. Indeed, all members were making eye contact with every single fan and smiling to show them how they feel, and the other members kept mouthing the words along with CHISA

It was a very intense concert, packed with 20 songs, and most of them were very high energy, hard songs. All members gave their best both physically and emotionally during the concert, and naturally they seemed a bit tired after the last song. However, they still took their time thanking the audience, and they even took a selfie with the audience from the stage. HAL asked the fans what they thought of the new song, then he talked about their upcoming tour in the US and Canada, asking their fans to wait for their return. All members stayed on the stage as long as possible to interact with the fans. After the members finally left the stage, the crowd kept waiting in hopes to have just one more song. Despite doing 20 songs, the band members didn’t reject their fans and came back on the stage. They took one song request from their fans, which was TEBANASHI RIDER. HAL said that this song really is the final song they will play. Fans showed their appreciation for doing one extra song by moshing, jumping, and headbanging even harder than before. When the song ended, all members stayed a little longer  to keep interacting with the fans. CHISA yelled “I LOVE YOU” over and over before they finally left the stage. 

The concert was a huge success! Both fans and band members seemed to be truly happy to be able to celebrate their 5th anniversary together. The band’s engagement with fans was amazing and it was very easy to see that they love and appreciate their fans. On a personal note, I really enjoyed the concert. Both the band members and fans had amazing energies, and it was impossible to not feel excited or not move to the beat during the concert. The MCs were also very interesting, somewhat emotional and hilarious at the same time. If you haven’t seen ACME live yet, I definitely recommend it! Since they are constantly trying to create new opportunities to play overseas, they may even come and meet you in your own countries soon! We congratulate ACME on their 5th Anniversary, and wish them best of luck for their upcoming concerts in the US and Canada. We cannot wait to see more of them!

Report: Gamze
English Edit: Kaity

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It would be great if you could support us with a small donation.
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