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We already presented you a live report of breakin’holiday in April, but our new live report is definitely worth to be checked out! Because we can all agree that member birthday concerts are truly something else. And this concert even came with a special session band as well!

Regular concerts are already awesome, but birthday concerts are truly special. On 28th of June, I had the pleasure to attend the birthday live show of breaking’holiday’s guitarist Sakai (12012). Even the extreme heat in Tokyo could not stop the fans from coming. The WildSideTokyo club was completely filled until the very last row! As typical for birthday shows of breakin’holiday, the concert was a two-man show with a special session band for the second part of the evening. 

breakin’holiday entered the stage in the outfits from their latest release – classy black with pearls and rhinestones as an eyecatcher. The first song was FANTASIA. Juri (Vo./ex. DELUHI) shouted ‘go, go, go’ and the audience directly started to jump. However, Sakai suddenly stopped his play, because of microphone troubles. To have such troubles immediately in the beginning of the show was very unfortunate, but the band took it with humor. Juri even joked about the issue, because it happened to Sakai who was the ‘birthday boy’ of the evening. After fixing the problem they started with the song again and the audience was even more hyped up. The distance between the audience and the stage at WildSideTokyo is already quite short, but when Sakai and Aggy (Ba./ ex. DELUHI) climbed on their loudspeakers, they got even closer to their fans. During the next song, CRY, both changed sides before Juri announced Sakai’s amazing guitar solo. To my big surprise, even more fans arrived mid show and the club got even more crowded. 

After their third song, BEGINNING, the band had their first MC. Juri mentioned that this was their first concert in a while and he of course congratulated Sakai on his birthday, who was very grateful. 

The next song was the enchanting ballad STAY WITH YOU. The fog machines and spotlights turned the stage a romantic orange, while the audience listened to Juri’s clear voice. After NOT FOR ME, the band had another MC. When Juri asked if the audience was enjoying themselves, some started to shout, which made Juri feel nostalgic. In general, it’s still forbidden to raise one’s voice during concerts in Tokyo. Sakai again expressed his gratitude before he mentioned that this birthday was actually his big birthday, making the concert even more special. 

To continue with the show, breakin’holiday played KAIBUTSU (怪物), which is my absolute favorite song of theirs, because of the hard bass and drums! The audience headbanged like crazy, and a few fans even started to dance. Aggy climbed on his loudspeaker again. He and Sujk (Dr./ ex. DELUHI) went especially crazy during the song, but the other members also seemed to enjoy every minute. When Juri encouraged everyone to clap their hands, the whole club followed his request. The last two songs, VOICE and LILITH, were as powerful as KAIBUTSU (怪物). For both songs, the fans were either headbanging or jumping without a break. Sakai especially seemed to have lots of fun because he was smiling the whole time. At the end of LILITH, he again thanked the audience and asked everyone to wait and enjoy the second part of the evening.

The special session band consisted of Kairi (Vo.), Saito Shinichiro (Gt.), Enya Tomoyuki (Ba.), Seira (Dr.), and of course Sakai. All members entered the stage in white shirts. To my surprise, the first cover song was CYCLONE (サイクロン) from 12012. The fans immediately performed the furi and Aggy suddenly joined the audience to watch the show. For the next song, the band chose 12012’s song shine, with an incredible guitar solo performed by Saito Shinichiro. During a small MC, Kairi congratulated Sakai for his birthday and stated that really many people came to the concert. Sakai then mentioned that the next song would also be an old 12012 song that might make him cry. The song in question was AS, which was released back in 2009. To experience the song live after such a long time was truly nostalgic. A more recent song compared to the others so far was KAIJU NO HANAUTA (怪獣の花唄) from Vaundy. A nice surprise for sure was the cover of breakin’holidays song CRY. After the song, Kairi suddenly left the stage and came back with Aggy and cakes. Sakai was really lucky to receive birthday cakes from both bands and they seemed to be pretty delicious because he couldn’t stop eating. He was also kind enough to feed Aggy some cake and made sure to ask the audience to also come to Sujk’s birthday event. Next he thanked all session band members for joining him even though they are busy with their own bands and projects. 

The birthday show was amazing from the beginning until the very end. It’s been a while since I’ve seen so many fans attending a breakin’holiday concert, which made me incredibly happy. Especially since the audience was in high spirits the whole time and enjoying themselves. The best part about the evening was, of course, to see how grateful and happy Sakai was. Birthday concerts are truly a special experience and it was a pleasure to be invited.

Report: Chris
English Edit: Kaity

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It would be great if you could support us with a small donation.
It might not be much for you, but it would help us providing more and better interviews in the future.
With a little bit of your support we might be able to realize even more!

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