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Only formed recently BLVCKBERRY sold out their debut concert in only 3 minutes! We had the pleassure to interview them about their new band, rising success and inner band organisation.

Thank you very much for taking your time for this interview. You just recently celebrated your 1st anniversary as BLVCKBERRY. Congratulations! How was the first year for you? 

Shiki: I enjoyed it quite a lot, thanks to the intense times we experienced.

Suguru: I’ve gained experience in several groups so far, but I think that this year within BLVCKBERRY was particularly intense and made me grow as a performer.

Your debut live show at Shinjuku ReNY on the 9th of July, sold out within 3 minutes. That’s incredibly fast. Did you expect such success with your first show? 

Suguru: Actually, BLVCKBERRY is formed by a group of members who were already together in their previous band and gathered once again to dream together, so I thought that there were many fans who were expecting our rebirth and then came to see us. Personally, I wasn’t surprised.

Takuto: Due to our past group activities, we felt that we had to sell out immediately and were quite pressured by that kind of sense of duty.

You had your stage debut in July 2021, but only two months later you already released 4 digital singles. Some even included MVs. How long prior to your stage debut had you been working on music for BLVCKBERRY?

Kazaki: We were creating songs until the last minute before our debut live, and although we didn’t have much time, we managed to make it in time because of some of the best engineers lending a hand.

SPVRK is in charge of the production of all your songs, but the song JUVENILE (ジュブナイル) was composed and arranged by AKI from Sid. Can you tell us more about how this project happened? Also, what can your fans expect from the song?

Rinnosuke: Aki was a senior of SPVRK’s representative, Ryohei, at the time of his former band, and we admired him. We realized this project hoping to create the best work together through BLVCKBERRY.

Since someone else is in charge of your songs, how much are you involved in the song productions? Can you come up with ideas for new songs or request changes? 

Haruto: We’re not involved in the music production, but we suggest some ideas. All we do is sing and express ourselves, but I think the way we put our emotions into the music considerably changes if they adjust the songs with our ideas, even if it’s just a little. 

When we checked your official MV for TOKYO DOPE on your YouTube Channel, we noticed that most of your comments came from overseas fans. You really have fans all over the world. Your MV also comes with English subtitles. Is there any hope for a world tour at some point? 

Takuto: We want to do it someday.

Your stage outfits remind us a lot of the visual kei scene. But you also have many elements that belong to the idol scene. Can you tell us a little how you chose your concept?

Shiki: It’s not limited to outfits. BLVCKBERRY is a band that actively incorporates things that no one else is doing and pursues what we think is cool. Hence, our outfits are not made to order, which is common in this scene. We create them focusing on styling, while discussing with the stylist, so that each member’s individuality can be fully expressed.

Did you always want to be an idol? What would you do if you weren’t an idol?

Shiki: I started BLVCKBERRY because I wanted to do something together with these members, so as long as it was with them, any genre was fine.

Rinnosuke: I’ve always wanted to make a living by standing in front of people, so when I think about it, maybe it’s not wrong to say that I’ve always wanted to be an idol. Now I think being an idol is a vocation.

We can imagine that you are very busy, but what does a typical day / week look like for you? 

Kazaki: Basically, we mainly have live performances, and on days when we don’t have concerts, our schedule is well-balanced between muscle training, voice training, and dance lessons. I think all members are thinking about BLVCKBERRY 365 days a year in order to improve our group.

And finally it would be great if you could send a message to your overseas fans. 

Suguru: Thank you very much for discovering BLVCKBERRY. We started our activities one year ago, but we are aiming to become a big band that is able to play overseas too in the future. So in order to do so, we will expand our activities in the next two or three years! When the time comes, please help us to enliven our concert by lending us your strength!

Rinnosuke: We’ll continue to deliver music that remains in everyone’s hearts! No matter if it’s in Japan, the world, a country, etc., we will continue to share ourselves through music in a universal language, so please do support us!!

Haruto: We’ll become a world-class group! Please look forward to that day!!

Interview: Chris
English Edit: Kaity

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It would be great if you could support us with a small donation.
It might not be much for you, but it would help us providing more and better interviews in the future.
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