Luv PARADE vs H.U.G Tickets for live streaming announced!

Luv PARADE and H.U.G just announced live streaming for their next concert on December 17th in Akabane ReNY alpha!

As usual, TAKA from defspiral will be the guest vocalist for Luv PARADE. But a little while ago, they also announced the addition of support members for Karyu’s session band, H.U.G: NAOKI (FANTASISTA/ ex Kagrra) on Bass and TAKEO (PIERROT/Angelo) on Drums.

Both support members are well known in the visual kei scene and we are convinced that they will add yet another shade to H.U.G, who have been performing as a 3-man unit until now.

Get your ticket to not miss out on this opportunity!



■Date: 2022/12/17 (Sat)

■Time: OPEN 17:45/ Live stream: START 18:00

■Streaming tickets: on ZAIKO

[Support available in Japanese & English]

■Streaming ticket price: ¥4,000 (Tax included)

■Sale period: 2022/11/22 (Tue), 18:00~2023/1/16 (Mon) 19:59

■Archive: Available until 2023/1/16 (Mon) 19:59 after it was archived. 

[The streaming ticket includes 7 days of watching the show in archive. It is possible to extend the viewing period for extra charges]

For news, systems requirements, and browser settings for the streaming, please refer to the latest information on ZAIKO.

H.U.G. Official TwitterLuv PARADE Official
Get your ticket: ZAIKOLuv PARADE Official Twitter

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