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Yoshiatsu has enjoyed great popularity with DADAROMA and now he’s back with his new project FUKURO. A band that differs quite a lot from DADAROMA. Hear his thoughts about the band and their latest release here!

Thank you very much for allowing us to interview you! As it is our first opportunity to do so, we would like to ask you about your newest release, as well as your band in general! But first of all, how are you feeling today?

Thank you for having me! I’m feeling great.

Your newest release is called DRAMATURGIE (ドラマトゥルギー). How did you approach this mini album? And what did you have in mind while creating it?

Among the members, we discussed packing it up with music that would be fun to play live, and then we started the production. Because each and every one of the songs we produced holds a story and a meaning, we completed this work as one massive piece called „DRAMATURGIE“.

Was there a song that was difficult to complete?

That would probably be MITEI (未定). I think this is the most beautiful and most magnificent song among FUKURO’s music. I also feel strongly about the lyrics.

In the MV for BAKEMONO NO WATASHI NI HA「バケモノの私には」the apple is a very obvious symbol, isn’t it? Many understand the apple as a symbol of the “forbidden fruit”, but it can also stand for “love, knowledge, wisdom, joy, death, and/or luxury”. What does the apple mean to you?

It’s precisely the meaning of a „forbidden fruit“. Our protagonist, a ghost, hands this „forbidden fruit“ to a human girl.

The MV, and especially your outfits, are very colorful. Many bands go for the dark and mysterious look, so we think your choice is very refreshing. When you plan a new outfit, how do you approach it? Do you, for example, decide as a group, or is everyone in charge of their own outfit? 

In FUKURO’s case, each of us thinks about the design of the outfits. When we finish songs and shape out the visuals, we discuss a rough concept. After that, we freely choose our outfits. I think individuality is very important, and if everyone’s individualities come together, that’s when we become one as FUKURO.

The lyrics all read like stories. Is that an element you are particular about while writing them?

Yes, while working on our recent piece, „DRAMATURGIE“, I paid even more attention to its narrative characteristic than with the works before. There are realistic & unrealistic stories from different worlds and different times. And there’s a meaning in all of it.

In GARASU NO KUTSU (ガラスの靴)、 you have the line “社会の期待に応える私にバイバイ” (trans.: „Bye bye to me who responds to society’s expectations“). What do you think is something society expects without which humanity would be better off?

I really like the culture of Japan, but I don’t quite like its modern society. In our current diverse society, there are parts that are agreeable, and parts I am a little doubtful about. I wish that our society could become one that doesn’t oppose but accepts everyone freely, and a society where everyone can enjoy their life freely. I wish from the bottom of my heart that everyone could spend as many days full of happiness as possible.

For the last question about the new mini album, we would like to know what song or part of a song would you like the listeners to pay extra attention to?

The part I would like the listeners to pay attention to is finding “your” song. I hope you can find a song that makes you feel as if that song is about you.

Next, we would like to move on to questions where we get to know FUKURO in general. DRAMATURGY (ドラマトゥルギー) is already the 3rd mini album since you started your activities last year in September. It’s quite a fast pace, isn’t it? How do you come up with ideas for your songs?

In FUKURO, our pianist Daisuke composes the music. The other members or I pick something from the many songs he creates and start working on the production or on an arrangement. At the beginning, we play the song in a state with no concept or lyrics, and while we repeat this over and over, we discover the concept and story of this song.

Your band name translated into English means “owl”, right? Could you tell us why you chose that name and what do you associate with owls?

For me, owls symbolize mysterious things. And they carry the image of someone watching silently at night.

Also, could you tell us how you formed FUKURO?

Honestly, at first I intended to have a band in a very different form. But when this plan faced some difficulties, our pianist Daisuke joined and the direction of our band was instantly decided. From then on, it proceeded really fast until we finished our image.

All of you have played in other bands before FUKURO. Is there something you learned in your previous bands that now helps you a lot, or which makes things easier for you/ the band now?

I have experience with various bands and music, and what I felt strongly was that „I want to move people emotionally“. This isn’t about heavy sounds with shouts, but about something that’s warm and strong even though it’s gentle and quiet. Love or passion isn’t something that’s exclusive to large sounds. I want to reach out to many people with such a kind and strong song, and I came to realize that, more than anything, I want to sing for my own life.

What are your expectations and hopes for FUKURO’s future?  

My greatest wish right now is that more and more people will listen to FUKURO’s music. I want many people to know that there is such an artist in Japan.

If you had to choose animals for the other members, what kind of animals would they be?

Daisuke is as free-spirited as a bird. He is sensitive and seems to be traveling to various sceneries. Yutara would be an elephant. He is nice and gentle, but looks very tough when he gets angry. Lotto would be a wolf. He is noble and solitary, while following his own path. I think I am … like a monkey who is lively and true to his desires.

And finally, please leave a message to your overseas fans!

Nice to meet you, I’m Yoshiatsu. Have we met some place before? Thank you for your interest in FUKURO’s music! I’m always thinking about you when I sing. Let’s definitely meet somewhere, and when that time comes, I promise the songs and music I will deliver to you will be a lot better than listening to the subscription services! (In English:) Thank You. Love You.

Interview: Jenny
Translation: Katha
English Edit: Kaity

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It would be great if you could support us with a small donation.
It might not be much for you, but it would help us providing more and better interviews in the future.
With a little bit of your support we might be able to realize even more!

2 thoughts on “BAND IN: Yoshiatsu/ FUKURO (Jan 2023)

  1. ああ!このインタビューは本当に楽しかったです。それは私が本当に知りたかったことでした。義篤がファンに残したメッセージが大好きです!!彼がFUKUROから欲しいものをすべて手に入れられることを願っています!いつか日本に行ってFUKUROさんの曲を直接楽しみたいな…


  2. ああ!このインタビューは本当に楽しかったです。それは私が本当に知りたかったことでした。義篤がファンに残したメッセージが大好きです!!彼がFUKUROから欲しいものをすべて手に入れられることを願っています!いつか日本に行ってFUKUROさんの曲を直接楽しみたいな…


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