ParaLive: Luv PARADE – DEVIL’S PARTY @Spotify O-EAST

DEVIL'S PARTY, an emotional and nostalgic event hosted by Luv PARADE and its former D'ESPAIRSRAY members Karyu, ZERO & TSUKASA. The event had everything you could wish for and made you wish for more!


First an introduction, then a new release interview, and next up: a new live report! Particularly for JILUKA's most recent show THE SYNERGY, which, let me tell you, was one hot live. We wanted nothing more than to jump down and join the fans in their headbanging!

ParaLive: yoru 2MAN Live chain show 2020 → 2021 “this entrails.-reverse” with OFIAM report

A concert with a band without a vocal and a solo-artist with a support band. Doesn't that sound interesting? OFIAM is THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S side project and we had the pleasure of participating in one of their very first concerts!