Para-Live: Luv PARADE vs. H.U.G @Akabane ReNY alpha

Luv PARADE and H.U.G keep presenting us with amazing concerts which attract your interest apparently without much effort! After their events with other bands, they organised a 2-man show this time that showed us yet another side of these two bands!

ParaLive: Luv PARADE – DEVIL’S PARTY @Spotify O-EAST

DEVIL'S PARTY, an emotional and nostalgic event hosted by Luv PARADE and its former D'ESPAIRSRAY members Karyu, ZERO & TSUKASA. The event had everything you could wish for and made you wish for more!


10 years of THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S! No matter whether they encountered member changes or global pandemics, they continued their way and are still persuing their dream! 2 of their members were in D'espairsRay before they joined THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S and toured overseas already. They always think about their foreign fans and it shows!