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Paradox Translations is an organization promoting Japanese artists to an overseas audience by publishing original interviews and live reports in 7 languages. We also offer a translation and consultation service for bands interested in going abroad.

言語の壁を打ち壊そう!Paradox Translations(パラドックス・トランスレーションス)は7カ国語執筆のオリジナルインタビューとライブレポートを通じて海外で日本のバンドの認知度を向上することを目的とするグループです。海外進出にご興味のあるアーティスト向けに翻訳サービスと相談窓口も提供しております。気軽にご連絡くださいませ。

Latest Posts

BAND IN: Luv PARADE(Jun 2022)

Luv Parade is a join project of the ex. D’ESPAIRSRAY members Karyu, ZERO & TSUKASA with guest vocal TAKA (defspiral). It is really exciting to have them united again, and they shared some really interesting facts about why they created the band and what we can expect from them!


Why have an interview with one band if you can have 2? A simple thought led to an amazing interview with SAKU from NICOLAS and 遼-ryo- from VIRGE to talk about their joint tour and single! Don’t miss this chance!


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