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Paradox Translations is an organization promoting Japanese artists to an overseas audience by publishing original interviews and live reports in 7 languages. We also offer a translation and consultation service for bands interested in going abroad.

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言語の壁を打ち壊そう!Paradox Translations(パラドックス・トランスレーションス)は7カ国語執筆のオリジナルインタビューとライブレポートを通じて海外で日本のバンドの認知度を向上することを目的とするグループです。海外進出にご興味のあるアーティスト向けに翻訳サービスと相談窓口も提供しております。お気軽にご連絡くださいませ。

詳細は「ABOUT US」でご確認いただけます。

Latest Posts

BAND IN: HOWL (May 2023)

HOWL’s breaking into the overseas market! We are honored to be the first site to present HOWL to their overseas audience. Let us tell you, that the true meaning behind their band name is not what it seems and that the band’s way of including their fans made them even more amiable!

BAND IN: GE + IM (Apr 2023)

There are many artists and bands with interesting concepts, but GE + IM is definitely one with a very unique one. I mean who else refers to their fans as their patients? Read all about his newest medicine in our interview!

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