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The THIRTEENs new mini album is about to be released and we had the pleasure to talk with them about the new release! Read here about the meaning of the lyrics, what role the new songs will play and also general things about the band you always wanted to know!

Your new mini album ICY will be released on 24th of March. lullaby, LADYBUG & HUSKY sound pretty cute, however, after listening to them, we think that the cute image of the names is quite misleading. Can you tell us why you choose those names?

Mao: There isn’t a specific reason. I chose the title while thinking about the content of the songs. I chose lullaby due to its meaning, with the intention of spending comfort and peace for oneself. LADYBUGs change their color from yellow to red and fly away; it’s a metaphor for women. A HUSKY is a clever and sharp dog, but the song was written while imagining the true nature of a bold and wild woman.

Your lead song ever grey gives off a cold impression and feels like a winter ballad. The lyrics are about a person fighting solitude, but it also gives you hope for improvement, doesn’t it? During the current pandemics there are probably many who fight against solitude, therefore I immediately thought about them when I read the lyrics and saw the MV. What inspired you to write those lyrics?

Mao: I imagined myself blending into a winter or snowy landscape during these times. From there the snow started to melt and the first signs of spring could be seen. The intention to move forward was projected in the song. 

In lullaby you sing “Asking for too much and a submissive heart will get in your way and you will hit a wall”. Was there a time in your lives where you hit a wall?

Mao: Constantly. Things usually don’t work out as you imagined them and every day I keep in mind that even if I don’t break through the wall, a detour of climbing over it instead, might lead to a shortcut in the end.

Mizuki: Many times, especially at the moment. I’m thinking about how to convey music during these times with the coronavirus.

Especially HUSKY and LADYBUG will make the audience excited during concerts, but what role will your new songs have during the ICY COLD PRAY tour in April?

Mao: We probably don’t need to say that we made the songs with our concerts in mind, do we? The sound of our new work is sharp and solid, rather than heavy like our previous ones, but I think that they match with our previous songs too.

Mizuki: Our songs before had a metal or hard rock approach, but this work has a new approach. We want to create a new mood with them.

We would also like to ask you about your current outfits. Mao, your mouth is hidden underneath some cloth, but is there a specific reason for that? And Mizuki’s hairstyle looks amazing! It must be heavy, isn’t it? And also, won’t it get in the way when you play the guitar?

Mao: True to our album title ICY, I wear it because I associate it with reticence or being cool headed which comes along with the cold. Within the coronavirus crisis and all the masks it’s also a familiar sight, isn’t it?

Mizuki: It’s heavy and will get in my way, I guess (laughs). I had long hair when my music life reached its turning point, so I’m reflecting on the 5 years with The THIRTEEN with this hairstyle. 

Vo.: Mao

We would like to use the chance to not only ask you about your latest release, but also about The THIRTEEN in general. Was it difficult to start a new band with only the two of you after Sadie disbanded?

Mao: We aren’t a band, but a unit, that’s why we were prepared for it. Of course it was difficult and it also comes with the responsibility of making judgments and taking up the work of 5 with just the 2 of us. 

Mizuki: We belonged to a management with Sadie, therefore we were just in charge of the creation part, but right now we are involved in everything. It was just song production with Sadie, but doing the design, making the videos, tour planning and goods creation with The THIRTEEN; it’s quite different, isn’t it?

Is there something you can do now, that you couldn’t do with Sadie?

Mao: Whatever we do, decisions and judgement, is upon us, therefore we decide things faster. On the other hand, if we can’t come up with any ideas, it takes longer because it is just the two of us.

Mizuki: We can do the things we want to do, without any troubles. It’s mainly me who’s doing the sound creation, so I can express what I want. For Sadie it was important to keep the balance.

Both of you have been in bands for many years. Has there been a time where you wanted to quit music and do something completely different?

Mao: I had such times! Although, because I’m doing music right now, I can’t tell you exactly what I wanted to do (laughs).

Mizuki: If I wouldn’t do music, I’d aim to become a school teacher.

You two have been together in a band for a long time, haven’t you? What is your secret for getting along so well?

Mao: If you’re together for a long time you often understand the other’s character or their thoughts. It’s about mutual trust, isn’t it?

Mizuki: A certain sense of distance is important, I think. Not too close and not too distant.

How do you usually proceed when working on songs?

Mao: There are two patterns. One is that I am going ahead with the melody line, which I play with an acoustic guitar while suggesting and throwing away images and constructing the background melody. The second one is that Mizuki creates the background melody and that I add the melody or tracker later.

Mizuki: Mao visits me at home and then we talk about our ideas and start to work on the song. 

Can you explain your music with 3 words?

Mao: Living, shouting, leading.

Mizuki: Sorrow, intense, beauty.

Last year in January Mizuki wrote on twitter: “We are waiting for your international tour inquiry!” Is there a specific country you would like to visit?

Mao: I want to visit Europe.

Mizuki: Wherever people ask for us. I have been only to Los Angeles and France, that’s why I am waiting for promoters all over the world to contact us for a world tour.

Before we finish the interview, please leave a message for your oversea fans.

Mao: Even if we can’t understand each other’s language, our thoughts and expressions will be conveyed through our music. Please give The THIRTEEN a chance.

Mizuki: I’m happy about all the support we receive from our oversea fans. I think it’s difficult because of corona, but I hope we can meet one day. Until then please love the music of The THIRTEEN.

Gt.: MIzuki

It would be great if you could support us with a small donation.
It might not be much for you, but it would help us providing more and better interviews in the future.
With a little bit of your support we might be able to realize even more!

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