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Rides In ReVellion catches your heart with their charm, melodious songs and beautiful music videos.

You recently released the album PRAY with 7 songs on it, many of which have already been released before. Why did you decide to include them on the new release?

Band: Because we wanted to create a compilation of our works from 2021. Not all of these songs have been released on CD yet. That’s why. 

The title of the album also leaves quite a strong impression. Do you have something you are praying for right now?

Kuro: I pray for the people who were affected by the coronavirus.

TaJI: I want Rides In ReVellion’s songs to reach many, many more people.

Tsubaki: I pray for a lottery win.

Nagisa: That it won’t get any colder than this. That is what I want to pray for, but it definitely will be colder, so I prepared my Kotatsu (a low table with an attached heating blanket).

During your tour, how was the experience of performing the new songs before an audience for the first time?

Kuro: 21g is popular and that makes me happy.

TaJI: I got the impression that they will come with us to the future and that moved me deeply.

Tsubaki: The reactions were pretty much as I expected! I mean that in a good way.

Nagisa: When we performed the new songs for the first time, I was really happy that many fans seemed to enjoy and listen to them with sparkles in their eyes as if they wanted to say: ‘We waited for this!’

Talking about concerts, what would you say is a characteristic of your shows?

Kuro: During concerts I express the things I feel in real time while singing. 

TaJI: There are times when I act differently from how I usually do. Also, there are plenty of moments during our concerts which always make me very emotional.

Tsubaki: They depend on our moods.

Nagisa: If I raise my voice, I can make people think that my voice is different from what they thought it was.

Which song do you enjoy most during concerts?


TaJI: MIRAGE, when corona is over, I want to dash into the crowd again.

Tsubaki: I think MIRAGE is fun to perform.

Nagisa: CLOSE. would be my choice. I like the speed and jumps during the chorus.

And which song would you recommend to someone who doesn’t know Rides In ReVellion yet?

Kuro: PRAY.

TaJI: F.A.T.E.

Tsubaki: I think PRAY is the song that represents the current Rides In ReVellion best. 

Nagisa: I think people overseas would love HORIZON, because it sounds like an anime song!

Where do you get your inspiration from to create songs, lyrics and for the MVs, etc.?

Kuro: I often get ideas from real experiences or from my own thoughts.

TaJI: From cool things.

Tsubaki: From things I like and from things to do with my roots.

Nagisa: Of course, many times I get inspiration from the things I’ve enjoyed so far and the music I’ve listened to, but usually I get unexpectedly inspired by casual daily life situations.

Is there a goal you definitely want to reach with Rides In ReVellion?

Kuro: An oversea tour.

TaJI: I want to become an artist with a history that is worth being mentioned as a representative of the scene.

Tsubaki: It’s difficult to give a concrete example.

Nagisa: I want to get chosen for a collaboration with an anime or TV drama.

And now we would like to ask you a few questions to get to know you better! If you could use Doraemon’s Dokodemo door (a door where you can go anywhere you want) to go where you want right now- where would that be and what would you do?

Kuro: I want to bring my friends with me to a place where we wouldn’t bother anyone while we hang out.

TaJI: I’d like to go to many different countries and get to know their culture.

Tsubaki: I want to go to my parents’ home and just sleep.

Nagisa: I want to use Doraemon’s Dokodemo door to go to Doraemon’s place and get the 4D pocket (a magical pocket that can hold any item).

Do you have a favourite phrase or word in English or any other language you like?

Kuro: Have Mercy.

TaJI: Baseball.

Tsubaki: Carpe Diem.

Nagisa: Alcohol.

And last but not least: Please leave a message for your fans overseas!

Kuro: We’ll try our best to be able to perform overseas again. Please wait for us.

TaJI: I’m really happy and proud if you like Rides In ReVellion’s music, despite the differences of the words and culture. Please tell your friends about us too! And let’s meet for a live show one day!

Tsubaki: Because we definitely will travel overseas one day, right?

Nagisa: Thank you very much for supporting us from overseas! Your support is always encouraging me, so please continue to do so. I look forward to the day we can have concerts overseas again!

Interview: Jenny
Translator: Jenny
English Edit: Franzi

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It would be great if you could support us with a small donation.
It might not be much for you, but it would help us providing more and better interviews in the future.
With a little bit of your support we might be able to realize even more!

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