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Doctor and patient as a concept for a band? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?
We were definitely intrigued to find out more about this solo artist and his project!
And let’s be honest, who isn’t attracted to a sexy doctor?

Within the visual kei scene many bands have interesting concepts, but it’s a first for us to see someone using a doctor concept, like you do. Can you tell us why you chose it? 

Doctors and patients have a close relationship. I want you to share the darkness in your heart with me. 

In addition, please explain the meaning behind the band name GE + IM.

It’s a combination of the words “genom” and “imperfect”. It expresses that all living things, including humans, are imperfect and therefore beautiful and precious.

In the past you were part of several bands, but GE + IM seems to be your first solo project. Was there a reason why you chose to be a solo artist instead of joining another band? 

It’s extremely difficult for a band to continue for a long time when members leave. Especially now it’s difficult for bands to continue in the long run and therefore I chose a solo project I can continue for 10 or even 20 years. I want to live together with all my fans (patients) worldwide . 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a solo artist compared to being part of a band?

The advantage of a solo project is that you can express what you really want to do at any time. But the pace of activities is not the same as in a band because there is so much to do. In my case, I do everything myself, playing the instruments, the creative parts and also the administrative side, so it’s probably 4 or 5 times the workload of a normal band member.

Regarding your songs and MVs: How do you usually proceed during production? Are you composing everything by yourself or are your support members also involved in the production process? 

I write all instrumental parts and also do the recording by myself. I give all support members instructions on how to express themselves during concerts (treatment) and music video shoots.

You will celebrate your 6th anniversary this year. Is there something you achieved that you are especially proud of?

This year on the 14th of November GE + IM will celebrate its 6th anniversary. I made about 50 songs (medicine) and released 2 albums (new medicine collection), which is very satisfying for me. I’m grateful that I can continue this solo project for such a long time despite the many difficulties I faced. That is thanks to my staff and fans (patients). I’m very proud of my patients. 

Which song would you recommend to our readers to get an impression of GE+IM?

SICK., SETSUDAN/KAISHIN (切断/回診), meta²IZONSHOU (meta²依存症),「MIGITE NIMESU」 WO 「HIDARITE NI ZETSUBO」 WO (「右手にメス」を「左手に絶望」を), TSUMI TO BATSU NO STEROID (罪と罰のステロイド), BOUSOUANTEIYAI (妄想安定剤), HATSUGOUSHOU OVERDOSE (結合症オーバードーズ), INFECTION, UNDERMINE, ESHI (壊死), DRASTIC -STU- HIKAGYAKUSEI (ドラスティック-STU-非可逆性). etc. There are so many (laughs). 

Most of the comments under your MVs on YouTube are from overseas fans from a variety of  countries. Did you expect to reach so many people outside of Japan with your music? 

On  the contrary, I found it difficult for overseas fans to accept the doctor’s concept. I thought it would be easier to convey the gothic aesthetic worldviews. However, I wanted to stick to the concept of a doctor. It’s also an antithesis against the many quack doctors who visited me a long time ago. For this reason I use mad therapy as a theme. I would like overseas fans to see this visual project that expresses various “darkness”.

Do you want to perform overseas one day? Are there any countries you would like to perform in?

I really want to perform overseas one day. Because I received many comments that GE+IM is much better in concert, I also want overseas fans to have that experience. There are many places I want to visit. Spain, Taiwan, Germany, Italy, France, Finland, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil, and more. 

To get to know you as a person, it would be great if you could tell us 3 things that are dear to you.

Fans (patients), my passion for music, relaxation (refreshing). 

And last but not least, please leave a short message for your overseas fans.

If you’re looking for something different or feel uncomfortable about being different from others, give GE + IM a chance. I am also your companion. I have played 5 times abroad in the past. Please request. I’m looking forward to seeing you someday. Until then, take the GE + IM pill and wait for me.

Interview: Chris
Translator: Chris
English Edit: Franzi


It would be great if you could support us with a small donation.
It might not be much for you, but it would help us providing more and better interviews in the future.
With a little bit of your support we might be able to realize even more!

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